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Lady Thunder has a special
message for you!
"Your Now 
A Sailor On A Concrete Sea"

Your ocean is four lanes wide,
Your waves are mountain high.
You sail a fourty-ton schooner,
With the will of do or die.

And your cargo must go through,
to the port that waits for us.
Cause you live on luck,
For you drive a truck,
Your a sailor on a concrete sea.

So here's to the unsung hero,
thou they don't make history.
From coast to coast,
Let's drink a toast,
To the Sailors on the Conrete Sea.

Please remember...
Where ever you "live",
What ever you "wear",
What ever you "eat",
What ever you "drive",
and where ever you "sleep"...

Do us a small favor,
Before you go to bed at night,
Say a small prayer for a trucker.
Because without them,
You would have nothing.
God Bless Lady Thunder And Blue Lightin' !

Keep the Shiny Side Up, and the Rubber on the Ground!
 May all your travels be safe ones...
Just Kidding Mick!
Teresa sends Love and Hugs!

That concludes our trip!
I hope you enjoyed it! 
But I'm still voting for Shorty!

Way To Go Mick!
We're Proud Of You!

Mick's truck has left the arena!
You don't gotta home but you
can't stay here!
Bye BYe Now!

Juuust kidding!! Stay and look around
all you like! Come back soon!
Don't forget to sign the guestbook so we
know you were here!
By C.W. McCall
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Created April 16, 2000
All rights reserved©
by Mama Shirley's Girls
The truck graphic used to make this set
is the property of
All rights reserved © by Trukart.