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You know what?
You're gonna need a CB handle.
I vote for "Shorty" or maybe "Tiny"!

I won't call Sharon names anymore! Yes I will cuz' I'm MEAN! And she can't catch me!

Thanks Mellocup!
Words of encouragement
from your mom! HaHa!

Thank You Chilady!
Happy Trails Again!

Thank You Janie!
 After that little fender
bender at your mom's I think
I'll just hang out here with Janie!

Thank You MissyBelle!
ooooo  a sharp pointy thing!
What did you say my name was Mick?

Thank You Dinogirl!
Red always was one of
my favorite colors! I think maybe
I'll keep this truck!

Thank You RiRi!
Never forget your friends, they are your roots to life,
and with the memories lost, you will just blow in the wind...
--Christopher Allen Weller

Thank You Plumpster!
No cow tippin' Mick!

Thank You Snowbunny!
Snowbunny say's you can call on
her and her hubby any time!
They're in the trucking business too!

Thank You Lady Lacey!
Lady Lacey sends you a big

Thank You Candi!

Candi must have read my mind!
I just happen to have a trucker babe
right here wanting a ride in your big rig!
Come On Mickie Lets Go For A Ride!
Better grab her quick before she gets away!

Next stop this way!
"Big Wheels Rollin"
By Chet Atkins
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Created April 16, 2000
All rights reserved©
by Mama Shirley's Girls
The truck graphic used to make this set
is the property of
All rights reserved © by Trukart.