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So how do you like the
drive so far?
We still have more stops to make
so buckle up!

Thank You Misker!

Misker sent you some pretties!
Misker's birthday is April 21st.
Happy Birthday Misker!
Let's stop for cake and ice cream.
I bet she'll even put gravy on yours Mick!
Ummmmmm,I know how much you 
Loooooove gravy!

ThankYou Reba!

Adopt Yours Here!
Aww! Ain't he cute!

Hey what did I say about bringing
the family pets on the road with you?
I think he wants your cake Mick!

Thank You Flutterby!
Hey now you have a truck
for that little gift I gave you!

Thank You Barbara!
Let's take a break at Barbara's Roost!

Thank You Penguin Angel!
Next stop Penguin Angel's place!

Thank You Diana!

Thank You Bubbles!
Diana and Bubbles doin' a
little drive by congratulating!

Cruisin' right along!
We have more places to go
and more people to see!

Next stop this way!

"On The Road Again"
By Willie Nelson
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Created April 16, 2000
All rights reserved©
by Mama Shirley's Girls
The truck graphic used to make this set
is the property of
All rights reserved © by Trukart.