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I have been spreading the news
that you're done with your
"Big Rig Trucker Class"
and some of your friends have sent
you some gifts!

Good Job Mick!

Thank You Mick For Making Me This Globe To Give You!
I had this globe made special for ya!
But you should know that-you made it!

Awesome Heather Thank You!
Heather sent you this
awesome gift! 
Thank You Heather!

Thank You Mammacat!
Mammacat sent this your way!

Thank You Ginger!
Mama3chick stopped by too!

Thank You Suecat!
SueCat sends ((((HUGS))))!

Polly say's "You know me and gifts"
and you would remember too!
I think you did a great job Polly!

Thank You Kimberly!
This is from Kimberly
aka Lady Angel

Thank You Judy!
ThankYou Judy!
Great truck huh Mick!

Well we're on the road again!
Next stop this way!

"Driving My Life Away"
By Eddie Rabbitt
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Created April 16, 2000
All rights reserved©
by Mama Shirley's Girls
The truck graphic used to make this set
is the property of
All rights reserved © by Trukart.